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i2i can provide a number of services to support our pipeline inspection operations. This may range from personnel operating i2i's Pioneer smart pigs in the field or providing training to local technicians who can be left to operate the technology. i2i also offer full in-line operational consultancy and integrity management assessment services on pigging data if required by the client. i2i have specialist NDT technicians and rope access personnel on hand that can support our in-line inspection operations with follow up NDT if required.

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Pigging Operations

To support the deployment of the Pioneer Pigs i2i can provide qualified field engineers to carry out safe deployment and operation. The engineers will work with onsite personnel to safely launch & recover the tools as well as carry out the recovery and upload of data to the online Pipeception database. All our engineers are experienced and qualified electrical technicians with specific industry recognised in-line ‘pigging’ training & qualifications. All field technicians are qualified to work both onshore and offshore locations worldwide.


If it is not practical to have i2i engineers’ onsite for the regular deployment of the Smart Pigs, i2i can offer onsite training to Client technicians. This may involve one or two days’ instruction in the programming and safe operation of the in-line tools as well as data recovery and upload to the online Pipeception database. This option may be particularly useful to clients who have assets in remote or difficult to mobilise locations.i2i can also run these training courses at a UK pigging facility if required.

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 Consultancy & Integrity Assessment

I2i can also offer additional analysis and fitness for service assessments on all data recovered from the Pioneer tools. As the data analysis is cloud based i2i can utilise its UK based engineers to carry out integrity assessments within hours of data being uploaded to the Pipeception cloud database.



i2i can offer the full range of Non Destructive Testing methods to support a pipeline inspection campaign. All our personnel hold the highest PCN qualifications in their respective fields. All our inspectors are multi-disciplined NDT technicians that are Rope Access qualified. The techniques we can offer include

  • UT – corrosion scanning as well as weld inspection
  • Guided Ultrasonic Inspection
  • Eddy Current Inspection
  • MPI & Dye Penetrant
  • Weld Inspection
  • Visual Inspection

Rope Access

Rope access is an established and safe method of working at height by means of double rope techniques like those used in climbing or caving. It allows technicians to access difficult locations at height in a safe manner to carry out a range of tasks. I2i inspection personnel often use these methods to access difficult locations to carry out NDT inspection tasks, riser splash zone locations in particular.

All i2i inspection technicians have considerable experience in the inspection of riser splash zones using Guided Ultrasonic Technology.