About us

i2i is a sensor technology company based in Manchester UK that is looking to disrupt the pipeline services sector by combining smart sensors with simple in-line tools for the low risk, low cost, regular inspection and monitoring of Oil & Gas pipelines.

i2i’s range of Pioneer™ & SmartFoam™ pigs are designed to operate with high frequency, in all mediums and complex geometry pipelines, collecting big data on pipeline integrity and flow assurance without disrupting operations.

Rapid data analysis and reporting is carried with i2i's proprietary Pipeception™ machine learning software that highlights anomalous signals for engineering analysis. The ability to trend and monitor anomalies can lead to intelligence based decision making, the implementation of predictive maintenance strategies and enhanced integrity management.

Our Vision

To simplify pipeline inspection so it becomes a low risk, low cost and regular non-disruptive activity, leading to enhanced integrity management that benefits from big data analytics and digital technologies.

Our Mission

To make our sensors smarter and our deployment simpler.
To make smart pigging a low risk and non-specialist activity.
To develop machine learning for rapid data analysis and automated reporting.
To use data for more efficient decision making & predictive maintenance strategies.
Combine People, Processes & Pipeline data to create the digital pipeline.

Where we Operate

i2i has a global footprint. We work on pipelines in refineries and tank farms, in the onshore gathering systems of shale plays and in the deep water assets of the super majors. Our technology can be adapted to inspect some of the most challenging pipelines within the industry. Our flexible business model allows us to deliver technology and services directly to our clients or through partnerships with local service companies.

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 The digital pipeline

"Pipelines are the most critical part of our energy infrastructure, yet its the sector that benefits the least from the advantages of Digital technologies"

Sensors are the foundation

Sensor technology is the foundation for building the digital pipeline. Sensors are responsible for collecting big data that feed machine learning & signal recognition software and allow for condition monitoring, trending and analysis. Big data is the key to informed decision making and the ability to implement predictive maintenance.  The result is increased operational efficiency, safety, integrity management with significant cost savings.

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Current situation

Recovering data from pipelines is something that Pipeline Operators have had limited success in the past because in-line inspection has been so infrequent (3yr – 7yr intervals), permanent monitoring systems are isolated, too far apart and depend on the availability of communication and power umbilicals. Pipeline data is a combination of infrequent in-line inspection data, localised permanent monitoring systems and software modelling.

The way forward

By integrating sensor technology on simple utility pigs that are deployed with greater frequency inside the pipelines, a pipeline operator can get regular & accurate data on the flow assurance & integrity of the pipeline. By using advanced signal recognition software to organise, analyse and understand the increased data sets, i2i can monitor and trend the actual conditions of the pipeline.


The aim is to increase data volume by combining smart sensors with simple operational pigs, mandrel or foam, that are deployed much more frequently for cleaning and maintenance tasks. This novel approach to data collection will allow a pipeline operator to recover significantly more data from their pipelines,  which in the past may have only been inspected every 3-7 years.


The speed of data collection, analysis and reporting is crucial if pipeline engineers are going to use it for informed decision making on pipeline integrity. It is important that there is an automated data analysis capability that can interpret the recovered data in hours rather than in weeks or months, that is currently the case with many technologies.


Current in-line inspection methods only look at potential defects in the pipe wall. i2i Smart Pigs not only inspect for internal corrosion & cracking but take pressure, temperature and velocity readings at every 12m section along the pipeline. This can give a very accurate profile of the production environment within the pipeline.

Product Overview & Download


i2i's Pioneer tools combine smart sensor technology, simple operational design and the latest digital technologies for rapid data analysis & visualisation. A non-disruptive and uncomplicated smart pig means frequent inspection runs, big data and the ability to identify and trend anomalies over the lifetime of the pipeline. The result is enhanced data analysis, actionable intelligence and predictive maintenance programmes delivering efficiency & cost savings over the lifetime of the asset.

i2i's smart tools can inspect pipelines from 4" to 48".


A simple but robust operational design with advanced electromagnetic sensors embedded in the PU cups detecting internal corrosion & cracking. Capable of negotiating complex geometry pipelines in all mediums with no disruption to production operations.


Download Pioneer™



A client operated Smart Pig that can be used with high frequency, without disrupting operations, and specifically designed to locate and report on the locations of illegal tapping & theft. A direct assessment tool with rapid, onsite, data analysis.


Download Patrol™

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The Prospector™ pig is i2i’s newest and most innovative pigging solution to date. Prospector is designed specifically to be launched and recovered through a conventional pigging valve and is primarily used for pipelines 4″ – 6″. i2i will have  a 2″ version operational by Q2 2017. Like the Pioneer tools, Prospector pigs can be used in all mediums and can inspect through cement linings.



An innovative new deformable Smart Pig that combines the benefits of advanced electromagnetic sensors with the flexibility and advantages of a  foam pig. The result is a highly capable and deformable in-line inspection tool capable of detecting internal pipe wall anomalies. The electronics module can be swapped between sensor heads of different sizes for maximum value.


Download SmartFoam™


Presentation & Articles Download

Whenever possible i2i like to contribute to Industry publications, journals and discuss new ideas, technology and potential solutions to industry problems. A few of the relevant contributions can be downloaded from the hot links below.

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 IoE digital technology for pipelines

The Energy sector is currently undergoing a massive transformation. With worldwide production outpacing demand, oil prices have seen a 50% drop in the last 12 months and the industry has had to re-focuse on operational efficiency and the maintenance of existing assets and infrastructure. As well as restructuring, organisations are focusing on simplicity and efficiency in daily operations to stay competitive.

There is significant opportunity for the new generation of digital technologies to combine with innovative sensor technology and simple operational pigs to deliver data & intelligence that improves decision making, operational efficiency and cost savings across the pipeline Industry. i2i's sensor technology and simple operational tools are designed specifically to deliver big data and interface with digital platforms to deliver efficiency and value in this new operating environment.

"We are creating a smarter, safer, more efficient and connected global pipeline network."

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Combine tasks

  • Deploy simple inspection pigs with greater frequency
  • No disruption to operations
  • Remove the need for first run success
  • No specialist personnel needed onsite

Pipeline data

  • Greater frequency means big data
  • Data on Internal corrosion & cracking
  • Pressure Velocity & Temperature profiles
  • Data on type, thickness and location go wax / scale

Predictive Maintenance

  • Big data = better analytics = predictive maintenance
  • Pipeception signal recognition software analyses the data
  • Digital IoE technologies connects the pipeline network
  • Intelligence to the engineers who need it the most