Making Simple Smart

Pioneer and SmartFoam now with caliper function

i2i Pioneer and SmartFoam tools now offer caliper data as well as IMU and full internal pipe wall inspection data. With i2i’s simple to deploy single module smart pigs that can be shipped to site for clients to run without specialist personnel. More data more often...

i2i team helping the NHS during the Corona crisis

Some of the i2i team have utilized their skills in helping the NHS during the Corona lockdown by using the company's 3D printer to make PPE face masks for NHS frontline workers. A great initiative by Nick Smith and Joe Stephenson especially.

i2i staying operational

i2i is overcoming the travel restrictions imposed by the spread of the Corona Virus by installing NiMH batteries into all our tools so they can be shipped directly to our clients and local partners. All i2i tools can be run by non-specialist personnel.

A skidoo to work

A great way to get to the work site with a PIoneer pig in the sledge.

2020 PPIM in Houston

i2i had a good few days at the 2020 PPIM in Houston. It was nice to catch up with existing customers and looking forward to working some new ones fairly soon.

30ft Launch site

i2i's Pioneer tools make it very easy to launch from high access vertical launch sites. The Pioneer tools are easy to transport and fit into the lift cages with no...

8inch Pioneer in BC Canada

i2i's 8inch Pioneer is having a good run in Alberta Canada collecting some great data on all lines inspected. Huge cost savings for the clients as there is no requirement to modify the launch and receive traps.

4inch Argus Valve

i2i carried out successful inspection runs of 4inch pipelines being received into Argus valves. No need to modify the launch or receiver or cut and dig the line giving a huge saving to the...

16inch SmartFoam Angola

Another successful inspection of a deepwater subsea pipeline offshore Angola with a 16inch SmartFoam.

Successful run offshore India

i2i are having a number of successful inspection runs offshore India. The lines have not been cleaned very well and the i2i tools are doing a good job cleaning and inspecting the pipelines. The Pioneer is proving itself to be a simple and robust tool that collects a...

26inch Pioneer crack detection tool

i2i is trialling a new set of sensor technology focusing on the detection and sizing of circumferential cracking in welds. Pull through tests with 2 major operators tomorrow.

New 3inch Pioneer navigates 90 degree bends

i2i's new 3inch single module pig is a great addition to the Pioneer family. Able to navigate 90deg bends the new Pioneer is great value to pipeline operators as they no longer have to dig and cut into an operational pipeline to install conventional launchers &...

26inch crack tool

i2i's new 26inch Pioneer crack tool all ready to go out for trials in the US this week. The new Pioneer is carrying some advanced sensors designed specifically to detect and size circumferential cracks.

Successful run offshore Indonesia

Apart from the problems and the delays in operations due to visibility and breathing difficulties caused by the jungle fires in Indonesia to the workers offshore we managed to successfully inspect an 8inch gas lift riser. The Pioneer tool is proving itself to be a...

Challenging Pipelines Onshore China

the 6inch Pioneer tool negotiated challenging pipelines onshore China and reached up to max speeds of 25m/s without significant damage....

8inch SmartFoam Offshore Indonesia

A successful inspection run with an 8inch SmartFoam run offshore Indonesia. Great data on the subsea pipeline and flexible riser.

3inch Pioneer through an Argus Valve

i2i are successfully running smart pigs through Argus valves to inspect pipelines otherwise considered un-piggable or uneconomical to make piggable. i2i can now inspection lines from 3inch and up using these tools.  ...

Industry 1st _ 3inch Pioneer launched through a pigging valve

i2i, with our clients in Canada, successfully launched the first 3inch Pioneer pig through a pig valve to inspect a pipeline. No requirement to dig, cut, and flange the pipeline to run a tethered tool and cost savings will be significant. Still some way to go to...

Large Shipment of Pioneer tools to India

i2i shipped out enough Pioneer pigs for a 20 pipeline inspection for ONGC. Pioneer size range from 10inch to 18inch. All these tools will be run by local...


Our team had a good week in China running trials at the National Test Centre with a new 10inch pig valve tool and presenting a paper at the CNOOC...

Smart pig v Cleaning pig

When the pipeline has 47 x 1.5D bends it pays to keep things simple. Fadillah preparing the Pioneer pig for the inspection...

ONGC Oil & Natural Gas Corporation India – Tender win

i2i are pleased to have won a tender bid with ONGC India for a large offshore pipeline project due to be carried out over the next few months. Look forward to working with the team in India for a successful project.

A 4 day pipeline Inspection UK North Sea

An i2i Pioneer tool has just completed a 4 days inspection run in a low flow pipeline offshore UK in the North Sea. The Pioneer pig came in undamaged and after a quick out power wash looked as new....

A good run in New Mexico

A successful 12inch inspection run in New Mexico. This was a 10inch Pioneer with an additional drive unit to increase the sealing...

Successful deployment in the Ukraine

First ever deployment into Ukraine to successfully inspect an 18km 12inch pipeline twice in one day. The tool navigated complex geometry and arrived with no...

Odo wheels and transmitter

All i2i tools now run with Odo wheels for back up to the time-based sampling and helps us increase the location and absolute distances to anomalies.

Another good run in Argentina

Another successful run in Argentina this week. The new design of sensor head coupled with the optional drive unit and new odometer capability is really making the Pioneer tools a great value option for complex gathering pipelines in remote locations.

ENI Tests

A good day at the ENI test facility in Italy. Some successful runs and thanks to the Tecma team for making it...

A very busy PPIM 2019

i2i had a successful few days in Houston at the annual PPIM exhibition and conference. Lots of interest as always and some interesting jobs to look forward...