Making Simple Smart

A very busy PPIM 2019

i2i had a successful few days in Houston at the annual PPIM exhibition and conference. Lots of interest as always and some interesting jobs to look forward...

24inch Pioneer in Oklahoma

A successful run in a 75km onshore condensate line. We inspected the pipeline twice in a 48hrs...


Our first deployment into Argentina. Worked with a great team in an interesting location.

Science Park Investor Ladder

Sandy Lee and Franco showing off our 6" and 8" tools to potential investors at an MSP Investor Ladder.

20″ SmartFoam run Angola

20" SmartFoam pig with additional DDMD ready to run offshore Angola. A great run in a high wax pipeline.

A Pioneer smart pig that does everything

-20% ID restrictions, 1.5D bends, wye piece passing, any speed, any medium i2i continues to innovate and the new flexible cast urethane drive unit that can be fitted to any tool gives it even greater capability through complex...

ILI in beautiful New Zealand

Thanks to all those involved in helping us in New Zealand. Some challenging pipelines but a good week.  

8″ Pioneer run in Canada

A successful run in an onshore line in Canada. Pioneer tools are easy to mobilise and deploy with little disruption to operations

6″ Pioneer for pig valve

i2i successfully ran a special build 6" Pioneer through the Argus pig valves in Houston PRCI on Friday 1st June. This is the first inspection pig that can be launched and received through a pig valve of this...

Exxon Trials Malaysia

Great test at the Petronas test loop in Malaysia. Pioneer pig performed well and managed to get 4 runs within an hour. It was great to demonstrate just how easy it is to launch, run and recover a Pioneer tool....

IPA in Jakarta

Fadillah did a great job presenting at the IPA in Jakarta. Thanks to Elnusa for setting it...

Great team in China

Working with a great team in China to carry out some successful Pioneer pig runs in some difficult pipelines offshore.

Industry 1st ? Inspecting into a T joint

i2i carried out the successful inspection of a 10" pipeline that joins a 16" pipeline at a T joint. A 10" SmartFoam was used to inspect the 10" pipeline that then dropped into the 16" pipeline. The 10" SmartFoam was then cleaned out the 16" pipeline using a...

Tank Farm 24″ Pipeline Inspection

i2i recently carried out the inspection of traditionally unpiggable sections of a pipeline within a tank farm. The standard 24" Pioneer tool was blown through the pipeline with air from a compressor using specially made launchers and receivers. 4 pipeline sections...

New SEA Business Unit based in Jakarta

Due to the increasing number of projects and new business opportunities opening up in Asia i2i have set up a new business unit based in Jakarta. The business unit will keep a full range of Pioneer smart pigs to service pipeline operators at short notice and deliver a...

300km with SmartFoam & DDMD

Loading a SmartFoam with DDMD ready for a 300km run in gas. The aim is to inspect the pipeline as well as identify and position a buckle / dent in a subsea pipeline that has likely been caused by an anchor strike. The system is very easy to use and once the system is...

Moving into India

i2i, along with a local partner, have started the process of marketing and pilot operations in the India market. Dr Fernandez recently presented a paper at a conference on Pipeline Integrity...

1400 bends in 20km !

This sensor head has had a hard run. 1400 bends in 20km with wet gas. First time the line had a smart pig through it. Great inspection and IMU data.

Deepwater Angola

Had a successful run in a complex deepwater pipeline offshore Angola. The Pioneer tool was launched and received through an ITAG pigging valve.

22″ Patrol ready to look for illegal taps in pipelines

The illegal tapping of pipelines is a global problem and one that leads to significant environmental damage, loss of life and revenue. The i2i Patrol pig is designed specifically to go after illegal taps and have them made safe as quickly as possible. Simple and easy...

Single module 8″ Pioneer for gathering lines

Back in Australia inspecting low flow gas gathering lines. Single module 8" and 6" Pioneer pigs are a cost efficient and fast way to inspect gathering lines without disrupting production operations.

Select projects with SGS

i2i are pleased to be teaming up with SGS on selected pipeline inspection projects around the world.

Dual Diameter bi-directional SmartFoam

A special design for a client in the North Sea. The SmartFoam is designed to be bi-directional and manage 8"-10" pipe ID changes while carrying out full internal inspection. The design was successfully tested in an onshore loop with several defect spools.

Teamed up with MAXX North America Services for Canada

i2i are pleased to have teamed up with MAXX North America Services for the distribution & operation of the i2i smart pigs in Canada. MAXX specializes in assisting oil & gas and pipeline operators with their facility, pipeline, and operational maintenance...

Flexible Riser Inspection

i2i recently carried out the internal inspection of a flexible riser with a SmartFoam pig with some interesting results. The SmartFoam detected some large anomalous signals on the internal carcass with the absolute distance calculated by adding up the individual...

Trials in Indonesia

Thanks to the team from Elnusa and Total for the successful trial stage of the i2i Pioneer tools before the offshore runs. Great place to go to work.

An Industry 1st ? SmartFoam into an FPSO pig valve.

i2i successfully pigged a SmartFoam into an FPSO pig valve while collecting inspection data on the subsea pipeline as well as the flexible riser. The SmartFoam tool was only 350mm long and successfully negotiated the challenging pipeline geometry as well as being...

This is a special

i2i recently completed an interesting job in the Welsh mountains  inspecting 2 x unpiggable pipelines running underneath a beautiful century old dam. The i2i sensor technology was adapted to be pushed up the isolated flow pipes for a distance of 30m to inspect the...