I2i Pipelines is pioneering the development and opera;on of the Discovery Foam Pig, a low risk, low cost tool for the in-line inspec;on of Oil and Gas pipelines. These innova;ve new tools combine the benefits of advanced electromagne;c sensors with simple and easy to deploy foam pigs. The result is a highly capable and deformable in-line inspec;on tool that is able to nego;ate complex geometry pipelines whilst inspec;ng for internal corrosion and cracking as well as accurately profile pressure, temperature and velocity along the length of the pipeline.



The advanced eddy current technology will measure the loca;on and thickness of any scale, wax or water drop-out in the pipeline as well as inspec;ng for corrosion underneath these deposits. There is no requirement to clean the pipeline before using these inspec;on tools and they have liAle or no impact on produc;on opera;ons. The Discovery Foam Pigs are designed for high frequency use so data trending and anomaly monitoring can be achieved over the life;me of the pipeline. The electronics housing can be changed between sensor heads, so an Operator can inspect a range of pipe sizes with one system leading to significant cost savings over exis;ng ILI methods.


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